Your 2021 Taxes

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The deadline to submit all of your tax documents to avoid an extension is March 18th.

How to Make the 2022 Tax Filing Season Easier and Get Your Tax Refund Faster

  1. Gather your usual tax documents including W-2’s, 1099’s, broker statements, etc.  The IRS will be issuing two new documents for 2021 that will be key to completing many taxpayers’ returns.  If you received Advanced Child Tax Credit payments and/or the 3rd Stimulus payment you should receive the following IRS letter(s) which we will need to complete your 2021 tax return:
    • IRS Letter 6419, 2021, Advanced Child Tax Credit Payments
    • IRS Letter 6475, 2021, Economic Impact Payment
  1. Provide direct deposit information so that your tax refund arrives in short order, usually within 21 days. It’s faster AND safer.
  2. If you made 2021 estimated tax payments provide the amounts and dates of the payment with your paperwork. You can log into your on-line IRS account to verify the payments on record. If you do not have an IRS account, see #6, below.
  3. Provide proof of health insurance; Form 1095-A, B or 1099-HC.
  4. Provide proof your dependents live with you to claim education credits, child tax credit, dependent care credit and head of household status. Refer to the box insert on page 2.
  5. Consider creating an on-line account at Taxpayers can securely view various tax information including, Advanced Child Tax Payments and Economic Impact Payments. You can also verify whether your federal tax withholding on your paystub is sufficient.  To open an account, go to:
  6. Sign the APL Engagement Letter outlining our services and submit the signed and dated copy with your tax paperwork. We will not prepare your tax return without a signed engagement letter. You will receive your engagement letter in the mail in late December.

 How to Submit Your Tax Documents

We strongly encourage all clients to submit tax paperwork electronically.  We have a number of ways for you to safely and securely upload your tax documents:


We have migrated to this secure sharing platform for 2021.  It is a user-friendly way to quickly upload your tax forms.  You can send all formats, PDF, JPEG, word, excel, etc.

Click here  to securely upload your 2021 tax documents.

When you click on the link provided you will be asked to enter your email address and name.  Please note, the security Captcha is CASE SENSITIVE. 


This is an on-line, personalized tax check-list and organizer that allows you to securely and conveniently update your personal data, check for relevant information that may be applicable to your situation, and review your prior-year information to ensure you have accounted for all your tax documents.  We will send an invite to My1040Data to many of our clients in early January, 2022.  If you do NOT receive one and would like to utilize this tool, please send a request to participate to

Client Portal

This option works best for clients with LOTS of documents that are not government forms.  For instance, if you have rental property and want to share your summary spreadsheets, receipts or invoices or, if you are self-employed and want to send us QuickBooks reports, the portal will be your most efficient option.  If you do not yet have a portal and would like to establish one please send a request to

DROP OFF:  For our clients that prefer the more traditional methods please mail your paperwork (Priority Mail or certified mail preferred) or drop it off in the locked mailbox next to the front door.  We will be checking it regularly throughout the day.

Appointment Protocol

We will contact you via email or phone when your return is completed to set up an appointment, if needed or requested.  Appointments are preferred via ZOOM meeting.  We have found these to be very effective.  We will send you an email invite with a link to attend.  Once in the meeting we can share our computer screen and go over your tax return, virtually.

If you do prefer or require an office appointment we have taken every precaution to keep you safe.  Staff will be wearing masks and we have equipped our conference table with plexiglass dividers.  Additionally, we now schedule only one client at a time in the office.  In between appointments we disinfect chairs, desks, and the waiting area.  In-person office appointments will be made on a case-by-case basis.

Delivery of your Tax Return

You will have the choice to receive your completed tax return either electronically or via hardcopy mailed Priority Mail to your home.  Mailed tax returns will be charged a postage fee of $12.00 per return.